In January 2016, the Bulgarian currency, Leva, is 2.56 to the pound. The exchange rate is really good here in Bulgaria. Not like Britain. But please do not change money at the airport. All currencies can be changed easily here in Bulgaria, both buying and selling.  It is a very stable currency as it has been ”fixed” to the Euro since the introduction of the Euro.

What does this all mean when we talk about the cost of living? Well, a packet of Malboro is 5.25 Leva. Which makes a packet of cigarettes about £2.05. A flat white coffee in Costa Coffee is 3.90 Lev = £1.52.

Big Mac menu is £2.73. 3 litre box of wine is between 10 and 25 Levs = £3.90 to £7.80. Loaf of good bread about £0.39. 1 KILO of pork meat about £3.12. Eggs about £0.08 each. A good meal in a restaurant with drinks costs between say £8 to £15 pounds. Don’t worry, we will show you the best places to buy food and the best restaurants to eat if you fancy eating out. There is a really nice large restaurant near the villa also a nice small restaurant owned by an English woman not too far away as well.

So we can eat, drink, smoke and enjoy yourself here cheaper than in England. Electrical goods and branded clothes are  not such a bargain. Petrol is £0.72 per litre. There is a chain of Lidl shops here as well. I really enjoy Lidl shops. I find the quality as high as anywhere although the choice is not as great. Also they are cheaper than other supermarkets. I bought Sirloin steaks from there tonight which cost £2.15 for a 200 Grams. Which is 0.44 of a pound. Just under half a pound in weight. Don’t know what sirloin steak costs in England, but I don’t think its cheaper than here. Corn fed Chicken about £4.68 pounds. I like Lidl.


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